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Healing Blanket

Healing Blanket

The Healing Blanket - Treatment Multilayer Blanket (TMB)

Is a new non-invasive amazing efficient energy treatment is recommended by:

  • Russian Institute of neurology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • Russian Institute of clinical psychiatry of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • All-Russian Scientific Centre for rehabilitation and physiotherapy;
  • Russian Institute for general pathological physiology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;
  • Russian federation Ministry of public health.

The Healing Blanket is a stand alone treatment, which is great for any chronic condition. It will over time gently restore energy balance and rejuvenate body. This is a pleasant home treatment that can be used every day. Used in combination with other therapies, especially Scenar therapy produces even greater effect.

Designed as a result of many years of research and development work in the field of bio-resonance therapy, the TMB is based on the principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of the body's internal mechanisms of self-regulation. The healing action of TMB is based on electrostatic film PET (healing compound TMB-01). The TMB Blanket is made of polyurethane interwoven with various metals to form a film. This screens the body from all external electromagnetic and electrostatic fields. It also reflects the body's own electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and extremely high frequency ranges. This effect helps the body to rebalance its own electrical charge and energy and thus heal itself. The Reflected infrared radiation gives a very relaxing and soothing warm feeling, which over time can re-energise the body and relieve pain. healing blanket

The weight and size make the blanket an easy to use take anywhere treatment.
The highly therapeutic effect and wide range of indications for treatment has brought the blanket great popularity in Russia and as word spreads in the west too. Its growing appeal in the west lies in its convenience and use as a home treatment, which means patients or indeed anyone can have ongoing daily means patients or indeed anyone can have ongoing daily treatments between visits to their doctor or therapist.

The healing blanket TMB-01 can be combined with other therapies for a treatment of a wide range of diseases as well as stand alone independent treatment for psycho-emotional regulation, insomnia, stress and reduction of muscular spasm. The TMB blanket also helps to regulate psychosomatic conditions, relieves constant tiredness, and improves feelings of well being.

The TMB blanket can be used to prevent premature ageing.
Maximum effects are achieved when the patient is wrapped completely and sleeps.
The TMB blanket is used in combination with Scenar treatment for the best treatment effect. Russian researches proved the effectiveness of such combination. TMB can be used before or after the Scenar treatment.

The healing properties of the TMB are based on the "orgon accumulator" effect that was proposed by the American scientist Wilhelm Rich in the mid 40s. According to his research any living object accumulates orgon energy from the Sun. Exposure to electrostatic and electro-magnetic pollutions very often cause depletion or lack of orgon energy, which can lead to chronic fatigue, or development of chronic conditions. Certainly this appears to increasingly be the case as the levels of pollutants in our environment rise, as do unexplained chronic illnesses. In 1990 Dr Datchenko and Dr Klimov from Russia first presented the healing TMB-01 as an advanced prototype of Rich's model of "orgon accumulator". Since then TMB has had extended clinical validation in Russia, which has proved highly successful.
healing blanket


Designed as a result of many years research and development work in the field of bio-resonance therapy, the TMB represents a special category of devices whose action is based on principles of bioenergetics and knowledge of inherent body mechanisms functioning as an integral self-regulating system.

TMB is manufactured under license no 42/97-068-0046 by Ministry of Health of Russian Federation and covered by patent no 2053804/1998. The extended clinical validation has proved the high efficiency of activation TMB therapy. The statistical therapeutic outcome of the TMB treatments is based on application of the TMB during the period 1993 – 1997.

 The healing action of TMB is based on electrostatic film PET (healing compound TMB-01). The light-weight and compactness, high therapeutic efficiency and wide range of indications for treatment has brought about the broad popularity of TMB-01, also as a convenient and comfortable means for at –home treatment.


The blanket consists of shielding layers. Each layer is made of synthetic metallic film. Thickness of the metallic film is 1 micron. The shielding layer on the patient’s side is intended for reflection of electromagnetic radiation in infrared and extremely high-frequency ranges.

 Dimensions: 210 ±5 x 150 ±5 cm

Maximum weight – 3kg

healing blanket

The device creates the electrostatic field equal to 1 atmosphere. The TMB-01 can be use in medical institutions as well as at home.


The healing blanket TMB-01 in combination with other therapies for the wide range of diseases as well as additional method for psycho-emotional regulation, sleep improvement, increasing of the resistance to stress, reduction of the muscular spasms and to prolong the action of medicines, followed by reduction in doses of drugs and supporting therapy without drugs.

The blanket is contra-indicated in patients with:

Acute infectious diseases; diseases and feverish conditions with unclear diagnosis;

  • Active form of Tuberculosis (TB);
  • Acute heart attack;
  • Cardiac and pulmonary insufficiency.
healing blanket



Unpack and examine the blanket for mechanical damages. Individual sheets or covers should be used. Patient should ware underwear containing no synthetic material. Any metal jewellery or watch should be taken off.

 In order to get the desired effect, please cover the patient with his/her head, up to the neck or waist area or up to legs.

The best result is reached, when one is completely covered with the blanket. In general it is recommended to carry out this procedure one hour before going to bed, or at the bedtime.

The treatment should take place while sitting or laying down in convenient and relax position.

One procedure takes around 40 minutes and could be repeated 2 – 3 times a day. The course of treatment is between 15 – 20 days 9 up to 1 – 3 procedures a day).

In order to achieve the best result, the course should be resumed after one week’s break.

healing blanket

The person covered with the blanket usually experiences the feelings of heat and pricking sensations, which do not bring any discomfort.

In rare cases adverse reactions such as pain, headache, dizziness or nausea may occur. In this case the treatment course should be continued until disappearance of discomfort, even if whole procedure will be extended up to 50 minutes.

If you can’t manage diminishing the discomfort, the time for the procedure should be reduced up to 10 minutes. The duration of each following procedure should be extended every time for three, four minutes, coming in the result to 30 – 40 minutes.

The patient could be covered completely or locally (only some parts of the body). Just apply the healing blanket on the concerned part of the body, or above (on the neck, back, shoulders, etc. as shown on pictures 1 – 4).

Sterilization is made in autoclave sterilizer at temperature 120±4 for 45 minutes. The application of the blanket may be resumed 30 minutes after sterilization.


This instruction was prepared by:

Dr A Revenko – Neuropathologyst and Chief Executive of the “SCENAR Therapy and Research Centre, named after U Gorfinkel.
U Klimov – Neurophathologyst and manager at the
Physioneurology Boarding School
A Datchenko – “Victoria TM” Chief Engineer



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